Ultramarathon Daily News | Wed, May 22

Medium: Really good, straight talk about injuries and struggles with motivation.

Mocko: Help Chris score a pancake sponsorship. Game on, Boone.

Trail Sisters: Running your best after menopause.

Beer: Meet Doochie Cook, the guy trying to bring the craft beer scene to black America.

Outside: Clickbait article calling trail runners lazy parasites and extolling the virtues of MTB riders. Click at your own peril.

Hey jackasses, stop growing pot in National Parks. You’re messing things up.

Sponsor: September sounds like a long ways off, but it’s time to sign up for North Face Endurance Challenge, Wisconsin. Use URP20 for a 20% discount.

ESPN: Kenya’s Olympic track coach banned from the sport for ten years.

Devon Yanko: Owning and operating a chain of bakeries while training for (and winning) marathons and ultramarathons. Here’s our chat with her from a few years ago.

UTLT: New 100 miler in Lake Tahoe looks pretty sweet. It’s managed by the same team that puts on Canyons 100k, so you’ll be in good hands. Wish I could make it this year but I’ll be playing my alphorn at a wedding.

The daily exercise routines of important people from Franz Kafka to Mr. Rogers.

TrailRunnerMag/Roche: Sure, it’s easy to fall victim to FOMO, but is it good for your growth and fitness?

Late and short news today. Kids home sick with norovirus. This post has been sterilize for your convenience.

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