Ultramarathon Daily News, Wed, May 24

Got your STOP JIM shirt yet?

The Hillary Step on Everest is destroyed still there.

Assuming this is authentic, this leaked report from USADA (CliffNotes version right here) detailing AlSal’s treatment of athletes should–should–cause NIKE to fire him and start to rehab its image. Two things: I’m surprised no athletes have taken AlSal to court over some of his practices. Maybe it’s already been done? And two, current Nike Trail Elite runner Patrick Smyth was also under the “care” of AlSal and Dr. Brown for “thyroid” problems.

This gal ran her first trail marathon and won the whole damn thing. Nice!

Lacking an official entrant list, Skurka crowd-sources a list for Bighorn 100.

If I were in the market for a running stroller (paging the Hawks, Vargo, and Chick families), I’d be all over this updated Chariot from Thule. I put 100mpw on both the BOB and original Chariot, and the latter is far superior for actual running.

New National Park in Maine looks beautiful. I’m assuming the trails aren’t crowded?

North Face Endurance Championship News: Registration will open next week (5/31) for a new date and modified course. The date is Nov 18-19th (doesn’t overlap WS100 lottery or US Marathon Champs at CIM!) and the course is awesome. Similar trails with a world-class final few miles.

Speaking of TNFEC: I’m interviewing Nick Arciniaga tomorrow. Interested what a 2:11 marathoner an Star Wars geek can do in a 50miler? We’ll find out soon!

Five and 10k champ Gabe Proctor takes his own life amidst a battle with depression.

Tarahumara woman wins 50k in traditional gear. Training regimen? Goat herding.

Four years ago, we interviewed blind runner Richard Hunter right here and haven’t stopped thinking about him.  Here you go, an update on him after his finish at Umstead 100.

In our Patron-exclusive interview with Zach Miller a few months ago, we spoke extensively about his Amish friends and running. Now check this out: The “regular American” goal for fitness is 10k steps/day. Guess what the Amish are doing?

More on running with Amish asthma from the Trail Sisters. What works for you?

Looking to make the jump to the ultra marathon distance? Here’s a good post with some solid advice from a diverse group of runners. (NordicTrack is owned by the same parent company of Altra.)

Some cycling fans upset that riders didn’t wait for this guy while he suffered “terrible diarrhea” on a climbing stage. How weird would it be if running had similar traditions?

Short news day today. Releasing Sarah’s report of her Mauna to Mauna story later this morning. Stay tuned.

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