Ultramarathon Daily News | Wed, May 27

UTMB is cancelled, but 2019 champion Pau Capell is running it anyways. Kind of.

Alright, the “new” Hayward Field is spectacular.

Ultrarunning: Organizing an ultramarathon in the middle of this pandemic is pretty impressive, and it almost didn’t happen.
Personally, I’d be a lot more concerned with the alligators than with catching Corona virus, but maybe that’s just me.

Very anxious to watch the new Running the Triple Crown that features Rob Steger tackling the big three 200s in the country. Here’s the preview. Looks like it’ll hit Amazon tomorrow and I’ll update you when it does.

How fast is your pooch? Answer: Not as fast as these running dogs.

SCMP: How to not destroy your toenails while running.

Sarah uses a virtual vert challenge (or vert virtual challenge?) to examine some aspects of her life and purpose. Good, insightful writing.

Ellie Greenwood coming thru mile 60 at Foresthill en route to
her 16:47 CR, which still stands today. Photo from URP archives.

iRunFar/Mock: Justin highlights Ellie Greenwood’s career and coaching life. Ellie is delightful and funny and kind in person, but when she’s racing, she’s fierce, steely, and incredibly tough. I remember seeing her come through Foresthill on her Western States CR year (2012) and it was intense.

Does anyone know of any bone-conducting headphone glasses that accept Rx lenses? Only brand I can find is Lucyd…anyone have any experience with them?

I haven’t listened to this, but Derrick Lytle interviews the RD who’s putting on Bryce 100 this weekend.

Gear companies manufacturing PPE and “active” masks to get through this downtime.

Anyone have $15 million bucks lying around? This historic compound sits at the terminus of the famed Dipsea Trail in Stinson Beach and I think would make a really great URP HQ. 🙂

NYT: 190,000,000 downloads each month is what makes Joe Rogan the most powerful voice in media. Absolutely incredible numbers. I don’t always agree with Joe, but he’s the king of his craft and I gotta respect that.

I don’t know if this sort of thing happened at other shoe manufacturers, but in this instance, Propublica covers a public health/C-19 problem at a Nike factory in Memphis.

FKTs are falling in the auto world too. Coast to coast in 26 hours with an average speed of 107mph. Holy hell.

Ten brewers answer the question: Which IPAs should be considered “modern classics”? How’d they do?

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