Ultramarathon Daily News | Wed, May 29

This is a fantastic race report from Meghan Arbogast Laws (dang, sorry!) from Canyons 100k. It shows her fight, her respect for her competitors, her experience, and ultimately her graciousness at the finish. The Queen is a true gem in our sport.

Two FKTs set this week: Clare Gallagher’s Joshua Tree Traverse, 37 miles across the National Park in 4:52 and Tim Olson (rad to see him back!) ran ten Green Mountain loops in 13:49. That’s 39-miles with 23,000 vertical gain and the same down. Nice!

TrailRunner/Roche: With the big holiday season approaching, it’s good to have some reminders for how to treat your body while traveling.

Twitter: Really good thread on what sponsors can do to maximize effectiveness of sponsored athletes. I suspect road/track athletes have a different relationship with sponsors than MUT runners, but the points are still very valid.

Marathon Investigations: Good case about Dr. Frank Meza’s questionable (and record breaking) finishes. How’d he do it? And is threatening legal counsel tantamount to admitting guilt?

Beer: I get a kick out of beer names (“Circum Session Ale” and and “Citra Ass Down” are some of my favorites), but “Flint Michigan Tap Water” may have gone a bit too far.

Ultra168: Are you overtraining? Stop.

Bustle: The six best dog breeds for trail runners. We’ll be getting a new pup this fall and I’m hoping he’s a better runner than out late Standard Poodle, Carlos. (Don’t pitch your breed to me…kids and wife all want another SP.)

“Running is not war; running brings peace, unity, and friendship.
My dad told me one day, ‘When you’re walking and you meet a sick person on the road, help him; do not leave him’, so that was the first thing that came to my mind when I saw my friend on the ground,” Cheprot said after the race.”

Sportmanship: Kenyan athlete awarded $15k after giving up win to help fallen rival.

LetsRun: The new NCAA D2 400meter female hurdle champion is a biological male who competed her first three years on the men’s team. Her coach attributes her new success to her workouts.

USA Today: Lance Armstrong “wouldn’t change a thing” about his actions leading up to his TdF wins. Look, I think a lot of people are willing and able to get past the doping and chalk it up to “those were the times”, but the lying, the damage to the sport and to important causes, and the scorched earth campaign against others is what he seems to forget. Lance, great, you think you learned a lot from the experience, but you have to consider the damage you did to so many others.

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