Ultramarathon Daily News | Wed, May 30

Investigative journalist looks deeper into Kilian’s Everest claims and issues a 56 page report with mixed conclusions. I asked this a few weeks ago, as it seemed strange (strange, that’s all. Nothing more) that no data or pics had been released since promised last year.

Looking for a new female specific race vest/pack? Sarah just wrote about the Nathan VaporMag right this way.

James defends the gender disparity in ultramarathon events as nothing to get worked up about.

Mr. Corless writes about the fine line of doping and takes what seems like a backhanded swing at uses Speedgoat Karl (as an example of how screwed up the testing is) in the process. Not sure if that’s what he meant, but let’s play this out further. If you read comments/reddit/twitter/letsrun/theinternets you’ve seen nuanced and masked accusations that Karl uses cannabis, possibly during races. I don’t know if he does or he doesn’t, but would you put a plant in the same category as Meldonium or EPO? I don’t have answer for solving the doping problem, but let’s start with common sense. [Headline edited for clarity. –es]

Elite African runners struggle with balancing work and training too. She works eight hours a day, six days each week while training full time and she’s still got her eyes on a Comrades win.

The greater trail running community lost a good one this week. Julia Millon fought physical limitations off the trail, but she never let them slow down her adventurous spirit. She was sarcastic, tough, dry, fearless, and honest. Julia was a mainstay on the Escarpment during Western (pretty sure she was pouring Bloody Marys last year), and she and a friend joined me this year to cheer/heckle all the runners at mile 49.5 at Lake Sonoma last month.  She’ll surely be missed.  You can listen to her interview with Ten Junk Miles–recorded just a few weeks ago–right over here.

By the way, did you tell your family you loved them today?

If you don’t jump on this post by David Roche immediately, bookmark it for later, as you’ll certainly need it: So You’re Injured…Now What?

There’s something special about 24 hour events, and Sue Olsen has figured that out. What a great story!

Here’s a killer 30k trail in Banff. It must be crowded, right?  I’ve got to get up there for a trip! 

I don’t know. I don’t see building cairns as poor outdoorsmanship. And please, never dismantle a stack that’s not yours…it can have serious consequences for whoever was following it.

Sherpa John: How to commit to your first ultramarathon starting line.

Science: Supplements are meh.

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