Ultramarathon Daily News | Wed, May 31

Outside: Running needs another Steve Prefontaine. Does the ultramarathon/trail world have one already? 

Check out Ben’s latest review: Swedish brand Icebug Oribi RB9X is a fast and light trail shoe with great laces and almost enough cush.

Speaking of shoes, these running shoes are made of “algae foam.” YUM.

Tarawera Ultramarathon in NZ has added a 100 miler to the lineup and registration opens today. Get on it.

Islamic runners deal with some FOMO as Comrades falls in Ramadan this year.

If you listened to this interview with Rickey Gates last month, be sure to read Joe Grant’s Being Rickey Gates right here.

A bit more on the drug testing that’ll take place at Western this year. I agree with most everyone on this one: A great place to start and a necessary step in the right direction.

For the marathon runner who’s also a baseball fan, this is a pretty cool opportunity.

Get the hell outside.

Why do men run faster than women?

Sandal update: I’ve been wearing the HOKA Ora sandals for over a week now and my achilles pain is gone (until I take them off.) They’ve got a 6mm drop and that seems to the sweet spot for what I need.

New episode coming out today. Nick Arciniaga has the fastest marathon time (2:11) of anyone to start an ultramarathon in the US, lives in Flagstaff, wants to break records, and has been running trails for a decade.  Should the current top guys be nervous? Stay tuned.

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