Ultramarathon Daily News | Wed, May 5

Excellent video that explains the differences between ambassadorships and sponsorships, and why you may not want to be a part of either. Lots of good info in here.

Cocodona 250 update.

Treeline Journal: Chase is slowly building a collection of “bucket list” trail runs in each state. This week, it’s Minnesota.

Sarah Lavender Smith writes about her “languishing” attitude towards running now, and I very much understand. This sport takes a lot of time and energy and the rest of life often gets in the way and takes priority. Very good read, very relatable.

Brian Metzler focuses on the Wildwood Trail in Portland’s Forest Park…Seventy miles of winding and lush single track right in the middle of a city.

While Nancy Hobbs focuses on North Lake Tahoe as the featured Trail Town of the month. I’ll add Tacos Jalisco in nearby Tahoe City to the list of food recommendations. Their torta lengua—especially after a good run on the Flume Trail–is to die for. And in terms of outdoor specialty shops that offer year round options that’s staffed by experts, Alpenglow Sports is the best in the biz.

If you’re on a trail run in Alaska and encounter a black bear, just make sure you have a beach ball handy.

Good video recap of Canyons 100k.

Disappointed to see iRunFar cancel Liza Howard’s Age-Old Runners series. I really enjoyed reading about the trailblazers of our sport. [Update from IRF in comments…the series is changing, not going away completely.)

As if it’s not hard enough to breathe on Everest, this poor guy gets the Rona at Base Camp.

Running PSA: Don’t try to copy the elites.

SCMP: Cross training will get runners fitter, faster and stronger.

Happy to see ITRA updating the tech and partnering with industry leaders to help carry the sport into the future.

Recorded two new interviews yesterday (fast gal from CO and a fast dude from UT) and will release them soon.

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