Ultramarathon Daily News, Wed, May 6

Feeling unmotivated? Here are 19 ways to get yer butt out the door.

Did you hear our most recent podcast with Western States Endurance Run President John Trent. Aside from being a super nice guy, John has a lot of insight into the greater sport, its growth, and how to incorporate family life into your passion.  Listen here.

Ellie’s on the rebound! Look out Comrades!

An emotional dad ran the London marathon, then ran 159 miles home for a good reason.

If you listened to this podcast with Ken Michal, it was hard not coming away from it thinking “that’s the nicest, most positive guy in the sport.”  And he is.  That’s why it was unfortunate that another member of the community took Ken to court for defamation after he called her out for cutting the course at Miwok last year.  The trial was yesterday, and by all accounts, Ken won.  (Protip: Don’t cut the course, then post your route on Strava.)  Score one for the good guys! Case closed.

A quick statistical analysis of US marathons. Interesting stuff.

IMG_4109Geoff Roes’ compelling essay on the trendiness and trajectory of ultrarunning and ultramarathons. Will it peak and die out? What’ll happen then?

Koozies are back! Here’s a great opportunity to kill three birds with one stone.  Keep your water bottle cold on your run, keep your beer cold after your run, and help keep URP afloat! New FIDDY/Single Track Mind koozies are right this way. Thanks for your support.

Want to do something awesome? Qualify for the USATF 24 hour National Team and represent your country overseas! Here are the new standards.

The EMU 6 Day Race is going on in Budapest right now. Here’s a live feed. While not everyone’s cup of tea to watch, this is just another segment of the MUT world that joins us all together.

Here’s a great midpacker’s report from Miwok that shows the Marin Headlands really well.

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