Ultramarathon Daily News | Wed, May 8

Outside Online: While the relative risks seem to be a bit exaggerated, it is an interesting to peek behind the curtain to see how trail and ultramarathon events arrange for on-site medical care for competitors. I agree with Karl Hoagland’s remarks about independence and self-regulation and how overreaching medical care and oversight has the potential to spoil the ethos of our sport. It’s a similar argument I make with mandatory gear and the fine line RDs need to navigate when dictating what we should do to stay safe, while not putting the rest of the organization in jeopardy if that person makes a stupid decision. #growingpains

Ruff Mudder: OCRs, but for your dirty pooch. Great idea and creative partnership!

Minnesota: Here’s a great article about the incredible list of ultramarathon and trail runners coming out of the flat state of Minnesota: Stephanie Violett, Tim Tollefson, Courtney Dauwalter, Scott Jurek, Rachel Drake, Ladia Albertson-Junkans, Alex Nichols, and Brittany Peterson. Wow! Hard-working midwest mentality, or is there something in the water?!?

China: The first Chinese runner to win a UTMB event is stepping back and focusing on road marathons and shorter trail races until his body and mind are ready to take on ultramarathon distance events. This is the flip side of the “I’m young, I’m in shape, and I love the trails, so let’s give it a go” attitude we often hear about. Both approaches work, and both approaches fail, depending on the runner.

Shoes: I loved the hell out of th G1 Scott Kinabalu’s (2013 review here) but was disappointed with their durability and apparently wasn’t alone. Here’s Ian Corless’ review (link fixed) of the latest version and I’m excited to get my hands feet on a pair to check out.

Jean Pommier: Another excellent race report from the ageless Jean Pommier. This past weekend Jean ran his 13th Miwok 100k and does an excellent job with course description and describing his race strategy.

Wash Trail Assn: You’re out on an adventure and see some serious looking clouds in the distance. Are they coming your way? What will the conditions be? Is it safe to continue on? Here’s a great primer on how to read nature.

Ian Torrence/IRF: How to train for mountain races when you live in the flatlands. I’ll be printing this out and hanging it around my neck.

Personal: We’ve started taking the track team out on the trails and the kids are loving it. Absolutely going bonkers as they get off the track, off the grass, and onto the dirt. The best response: “I felt like I could run forever!”

I hope you had a chance to read Bruce Fordyce’s letter to Jim Walmsley after this past weekend’s record.

Pop Science: Water is dangerous.

More Pop Science: Smoking pot gets people to exercise more.

HOKA: Here’s my recap and analysis from the Project Carbon X event on Saturday. High hopes for the future!

Citius Mag: Here’s Eric Senseman’s excellent analysis of the 100k attempt.

Fiction: Eating raw marmot is good for your health.
Fact: Eating raw marmot can give you the bubonic plague and you die.

Beer: A foodie searches for good NA beer and wine. Note, he’s in Europe and doesn’t sample any of the great NA options we have stateside.

Refresher: Here’s my story about why I stopped drinking beer.

Ultrarunning Magazine: Bob Sheets didn’t get the Golden Ticket he wanted at Canyons 100k, but he had one hell of a time racing for it.

ProTip: If you get busted for EPO, don’t blame your husband by forging docs that attempt to absolve you of wrongdoing. The result? Twelve year ban.

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