Ultramarathon Daily News | Wed, May 9

More on Dylan Bowman’s Lost Coast FKT.

It’s not just ultramarathon/trail folks who are run bums living in vans. Here’s a neat post about  some track athletes making their way in the real world.

How the pros prepare and train for a huge race: No coaches, just paddle boarding, goofing off, and riding up Donner Summit on a beach cruiser. More on Rory Bosio right here.  (Our interview with Rory is here.)

Ian Corless’ preview of the mens and women’s races at Transvulcania.

URP ultramarathon stickers on cars
Spotted at a trailhead in Quebec. Love those stickers! Thanks for the pic Stew!

Canada’s desolate and beautiful Ivvavik National Park is tough to get to but worth the trip. I wouldn’t even know where to start! Trails, food, rivers, culture…

Coach Korey offers up some treadmill workouts to up your trail running and ultramarathon fitness.

I sure hope I’m hitting a marathon PR (2:39! wow!) on my 49th birthday like Scott Dunlap. There is hope!

Tired of clickbait “Colorado’s TOUGHEST hikes” links? Hiker Bob starts his own list of really tough hikes/runs in the Colorado Springs/Pike’s Peak region. Alright local folks, how’d he do?

Personal: It’s been 4.5 months since I last had alcohol and I haven’t lost any weight. While it certainly wasn’t the prime motivator, I thought it would be a welcome side effect to my teetotaling. But nothing. Anyone else have this issue?

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