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Grit: The tough-to-define but essential factor in ultramarathon success. In this piece in Ultrarunning magazine, Sophie describes the traits that define grit both on and off the trail.

Science! Think protein and ice baths are the best recovery for endurance workouts? Wrong! Heat and carbs are what you need.

If you liked hearing from Patrick Caron in this interview, here’s an article about his quick run at Ghost Train 100. Anxious to see what this dude can do in the next year.

The Hardrock 100 lottery is now open. I saw Ryan Sandes threw his name into the bag already.

Did you catch our latest interview?ultramarathon Sarah and I sat down with Chris Jones to find out how he trained for (and recovered from) six hundred milers this summer–in addition to myriad other races, fighting wildfires in his hometown, serving our country, and helping to raise a newborn.

If you’re looking for unlimited personal contact with an experienced coach (who’d mindful of your budget!), be sure to check out Coach Korey Konga and crew at Upper Left Distance Training. They helped sponsor the Chris Jones interview…thanks for the support!

Ouch. Under Armour drastically slashing expectations and the stock takes a tumble.

Wow! Guillaume just made a 500 mile, unsupported crossing of the Pyrenees that included 141k’ of ascent. He did it in 14 days and has a highlight video right here with some truly epic shots.

Take a few minutes and read this story about a journeyman bricklayer slash competitive marathon runner slash prize fighter slash hobo from the turn of the last century.  Then go tell your dirgbagging friends that they’re doing it wrong.

Awesome warranties in the outdoor apparel industry.

I feel like the only beer nerd who hasn’t tried Sam Adams Utopias. They just released a new edition with a $200 price tag. 

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