Ultramarathon Daily News, Wed, Nov 11

Thank You to all the Veterans and members of the Armed Forces for what you do and have done. We honor you, thank you, and appreciate your sacrifice and recognize that not all wounds are visible.

Perfect for Veteran’s Day: Here’s what Team RWB Trail Running Camp is all about. Sadly, it’s at risk of not happening next year.

Three ways to make your trail runs more enjoyable (and your ultramarathons more successful!)

Wednesday Funny: How having a large penis hinders my running.

Alright, I hate to be the jerk to bring this up, but should this guy be DQed?  Can’t find anything in the race rules, but isn’t it just common sense that you can’t have outside aid? Yep, I feel like a jerk now.

Are “mountain races” getting too soft? In an attempt to appeal to more runners, is MUT running getting wattered down? Andy Symonds takes on some good points. What do you think?

Here, peek into Zach Bitter’s training and racing regimen.

Ten really good tips to make you a better downhill trail runner. I like #7: Flap your arms.

Flap your arms! Harder!

Report from the Gobi Desert Ultramarathon. That just doesn’t look enjoyable to me.

Here’s a short teaser for a film about Luis Alberto Hernando’s run at UTMB. It’s in Spanish, but click on the CC at the bottom for subtitles. Prior to this I’d heard his name, but never really knew who he was.

What’s better for you, walking or running? Answer: Ultramarathons! We do a whole lotta both!

Interested in running (or heck, organizing) a 200. Here’s how Candice does it.

Pam, Gina, and Liza discuss some weighty issues. Interesting and candid points…What do you think?

I grew up running in Asics. Cross country, track, you name it, they made some great shoes.  Nowadays, many road racers wear the brand, but they’ve stayed conspicuously out of the MUT market, aside from some minor attempts at “trail” shoes.  Too small a market, or just no interest?

Would you rather run in the dark or the daylight? I prefer the dark most of the time. Something very primal about it.

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