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Excellent: Joe Uhan writes about the two questions any serious runner needs to ask themselves. What are you running from, and what are you running towards.  Time for some serious self reflection and honesty, folks.

Today’s your last day to enter the Hardrock lottery.

Good piece on how athletes use running to help treat chronic depression. In case you missed this interview with Nikki Kimball and Dr. John Onate from last year, I’d urge you to listen to it. Nikki’s an open book when it comes to depression and John provides the medical context.

Cryotherapy and cold water immersion are seen to be no more effective than the placebo control–at best.  My question though…how do the researchers apply a placebo control to something like this? I understand meds: A sugar/neutral pill can be used. But how do they use a placebo when it comes to freezing the body? Any researches want to weigh in?

The deca-Ironman.  Yep, pretty insane test of endurance. Here’s an interview with a 22yo woman who finished what sounds like the most awful course in the world: 750 laps in a pool, 200 out and backs on the bike, then 330 laps on a track.

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More on the FKT craze. I’m a fan and hope/expect it will provide some balance to the commercialized ultra bubble we’re in right now.

Colorado does have some pretty incredible female trail/ultramarathon runners. Here’s a list of many of them. Who’s missing from the list?

While Reid Coolsaet may not be a household name in the US, he’s one mighty fast Canadian dude (2:10 high marathon) who was looking at Bandera as his first trail 100k. According to his podcast interview, he’s not toeing the line, but still keeping his options open for an ultra in ’18. Reid, with a healthy Nick Arciniaga could have a major impact on ultras next year. (ultra talk starts at 17:45)

Sure, there are jokes about ultra runners having “something wrong with our heads.” In this story, it was a traumatic brain injury that helped this couple run together.

I signed up for One Day in Auburn in mid January. Can’t wait! Who else will be there?

Top ten adventure lodges around the world

Nathan and Tim Toben.

Be sure to read this great report from a 58yo dad who stopped smoking and started running less than three years ago. He listened to his ultrarunning son/coach for advice, depended on Courtney Dauwalter for inspiration, and just finished his first hundred miler. Excellent storytelling!

Seven things you may not have known about Shalane. 

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