Ultramarathon Daily News, Wed, Nov 16

Ultramarathon News for Wednesday

RW covers Walmsley’s rise in ultramarathon running.  It’s refreshing to see that Jim is well aware of the pressure he’s putting on his body and that he’s conscious of the razor-thin line he’s running regarding his fitness and health.  Dude’s got records to take down!  I’m anxious to see how he does in these next few weeks.

Great race report from Jimmy’s run at Bimbler’s Bluff 50k in Connecticut.  Faced with the surprise fact that there were no gels at the aid stations (I’m still wondering why that was…) he didn’t freak out, adapted to the situation, and finished strong.

Ever thought about hiking/running the Appalachian Trail? How about the Pacific Crest Trail? Or maybe the Continental Divide Trail? How about all of them? How about all of them (that’s 7700 miles worth) in significantly less than one calendar year.  This guy did it, and here’s an interview with him. (Link fixed.)

Help wanted: Looking for someone to design a logo. It’s not for URP, but for a fun thing that we do each year that will be featured on the site soon. Nothing extensive at all…I just need someone who has a creative mind who can use PS.  It so happens that the owner of Championship Running Camps is looking for logo help as well, and he’s offering a free entry (that’s $500 $1,500!) to the person who can design for both of us. Email me here for more info.  Thanks!

Sometimes craft beer has a good funk to it, and sometimes it has a really awful stank. Know the difference.  Also know that some breweries are trying to pass off these beers as sours…

Something we can all use help with: Hills and stairs

Looks like Camille Herron is joining the Nike Trail Elite team.  Congrats to her.

Speaking of the Nike Trail Elite team, I know of four existing Nike athletes who have already, or are looking at, signing with other teams starting January 2017.  

The price seems high, but the idea of staying active while working  indoors is one I like. Great design, too.

Guy Love writes about the finding the line where doping becomes doping.  Over the next week, I’ll be publishing a few different opinion pieces (from different writers) about how the sport of ultramarathons is dealing with doping, mainly in an attempt to help crystalize my own feelings. I’ve been all over the place (publicly) about how I feel and am still looking for answers.

Do you take supplements? NYT says you’re wasting your money.

I am in awe and completely fascinated by Alex Honnold. In this article, docs and scientists dig into his brain and try to figure out his fear factor.

Site news: Recording two interviews today with two guys I expect to see in the top five at North Face in a few weeks.  (One of them I expect to win.)  Neither have been on the show before.

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