Ultramarathon Daily News, Wed, Nov 18

So important: Top ten tips to avoid a running burnout.

But the determined runner had only one goal – to finish the race. Debbie said: “My shoulder, hips and ribs took the brunt of the hit and fall but it wasn’t too painful at the time. Although I was winded and had some discomfort across my chest, I made the decision to keep going.”

Lady halfway through a 60 mile ultramarathon in UK is hit by car.  Gets up, dusts off, and finishes first. Ta-da!

Do women peak for endurance later than men?

New Beer Mile set at 4:51, but I’m guessing it won’t be ratified.  Cup/bottle wasn’t turned over to show contents were consumed. Come on, Canada. I expect more from you.

New beer app is considered the “Pandora for Beer Recommendations.”

Speaking of tech, stay tuned for a giveaway where you’ll have a chance to win a graphical/artistic representation of your workout data that you can hang on your wall.

Jacob Puzey’s brother sounds like an awesome guy.  Here’s a great bio about mountain runner Tommy Rivers.

I wrote an analysis of how the team scoring aspect of North Face Championships might go down. What do you think? More importantly, do you care?

And Sarah writes about how to stay warm and avoid hypothermia while out on the trails.

Speaking of staying warm, here’s my comprehensive comparison of wool running tops from last year.

And here’s another new way to win some swag and get into Western States, sponsored by Ultrarunning Magazine.  Trying to figure out how the math differs from Jason Friedman’s National Rankings list.  I’m awful with this stuff…any math/stat people want to weigh in?

Geoff Roes’ new normal is appreciating the outdoors and the positivity of movement.  Good read.

Science I like: Coffee is good for us!

NBC picks up rights from Universal Sports Network.  Whew.

A Russian runner won a marathon in Japan and apparently didn’t get the memo that he’s not allowed to compete.

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