Ultramarathon Daily News | Wed, Nov 2

iRunFar: Ian Torrence writes about the importance of endurance-based workouts for ultramarathon training.

Davy takes us on a wild journey into the life of Richard Lacouse, a “scoundrel” ultrarunner from the late 19th century who led a wild life and set some pretty crazy records.

Dark running humor from Mark Remy.

Comrades sets a June date (after a few years of Covid-induced confusion) for 2023. It’ll be a down year.

If you’re on the AT in Tennessee, watch out for aggressive bears.

Trailrunner Magazine writes about the Javelina results and resulting controversy. I’ll note that in the original article (screen grab), Brady is referred to as “she” numerous times.

Interesting Twitter thread that analyses the finishers data at Javelina. (Nothing to do with the controversy, just numbers.)

Final word regarding my decision to not use “they/NB” pronouns. Hoping that after this we can get back to discussing the original point of the tweet and that’s how the sporting world is expected to use a third (or fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh, eighth?) category in a setting that’s only ever used two and how this led to some women at JJ to miss out on their chance at a Golden Ticket.
So, would you refer to this person fae/faer? This person as “Xe/Xem? Or how about this person as “bun”? Do you demand race organizers or signup companies offer these neopronouns to participants and would you expect race announcers keep track of all of these while announcing names? If you would, then we have wildly diametric views of society and we’ll have to agree to disagree respectfully. If you wouldn’t use these pronouns or expect others to accommodate them, you’ll understand why I won’t use the NB designation when referring to a female…It’s simply one step further. (For consistency sake, you’ll also have to explain why you wouldn’t use them, but I’m not expecting any cogent replies to that.) Listen, we all have our limits of what we deem common sense and appropriate and mine is simply different than yours.

Daaaaamn! Sara Alonso turning on the jets in the final kilometers of Madeira.

Damian Hall writes about the ways runners can help the planet.

Anyone in Southeastern Mass know if this new 20 mile loop will be open to organized races? Sounds beautiful.

Jonathan Albon talks about training in the endurance mecca of  Norway, the upcoming Mountain Running Championships in Thailand, and why cross training is so important to his success.

Got time to help repair the Western States course after the devastation caused by the Mosquito Fire? Volunteer opportunities right this way.

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