Ultramarathon Daily News | Wed, Nov 20

James Adams puts on some of the coolest, most creative, and downright sadistic race formats out there, and I’m happy to see that Bingo has made a reemergence. Anyone willing to organize one of these stateside?

For every cheater and doper out there, there’s a kid like this who forfeited his 1st place xc win and scholarship because he didn’t earn it.

iRunFar: What a stupid article by Sabrina Little. I can’t believe she thinks that way. LAME.
Instead, I’d recommend assuming the worst in each other’s intentions and demanding that people unfollow you if they don’t agree with your views.

Snagged from Facebook. Initial origin unknown.

I played a soccer scrimmage against my daughter’s U12 team yesterday (parents vs kids) and didn’t get hurt OR hurt any kids. Success! Sore? Hell yes.

Jill Outside: Jill prepares for the mental task of training for the Iditarod, starting with a mantra I’ll be using in the future. Great essay that shows the variety of disciplines in this silly sport of ours.

…and the Trail Sisters cover some other mental strategies to tackling your ultramarathon.

As the Western States lottery seems to be on a collision course with math and people’s frustration is nearing an apex, the wildly popular Two Oceans Marathon in SRA has instituted it’s own lottery draw for the first time. Looks similar, but I’ll leave it to the data folks to figure out the logistics.

Rad sizzle reel from the Mountain Running Championships last week. Daaaamn, what a course!

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