Ultramarathon Daily News, Wed, Nov 23

Ultramarathon Daily News, Wed, Nov 23

Did you catch out latest podcast? Ethan and I chatted with Cody Reed who’s got a resume ripe for more ultramarathon success: Raised in Northern CA, lives and trains in Flagstaff with Walmsley, quick collegiate splits, plenty of time on his hands, and up to this point, he’s 3/3 for his ultra wins.  We chat with him about training in Flag, advice he gets from Jim, preparing and strategizing for North Face (he’s planning on winning it, after all), and something about cafe bikes, swimming, and soccer.

To be sure, Cody will have some deep competition. Here’s Meghan/IRF’s comprehensive preview of the mens field at TNF. Every year we say it, but dangit, it’s true: The most competitive 50 miler in the world!

Be sure to check out the latest Mountain Outhouse with Jamil Coury.  Basically an irreverent (and very well done) weekly video version of the Daily News with just the right amount of snark.

…and a follow up from JamJam’s UltraCentric commentary.

The 50 best running stores in America.  Sweet! Our local Fleet Feet (Sacramento) gets a nod for California.  Any in your area?

Here’s a wrap up of our twitter conversation last night: Over the weekend in one half marathon in Japan, over 120 guys ran sub 65. Let that sink in. For some perspective, the San Jose Rock n Roll Marathon had two Olympians in the top three and a strong field of runners. How many ran sub 65 minutes? Five guys.  Or here’s the hyper-competitive NYC Half Marathon. Sixteen guys went under 65 (seven of them African.) Again, 120 did last weekend in Japan. So if the country has so much depth, why do we see so few Japanese runners at the front of big international races? Here’s why, and it’s very interesting.

Speaking of twitter, I recently tweeted (above) about how squirrels have improved their aim recently.  I went my first 20 years of running without getting peed on or having nuts dropped at me, and it seems that in the past few years, it’s happened a number of times.  They’re also taking out politicians who speak out against their aggressive behavior, so be warned.

What do you think of the plan to build a mountaineering center on Mt Everest’s north face?

Meanwhile, the LetsRun MENSA team discusses whether they could climb Everest with six months training.

We’re starting to put together ideas for an 8 week vacation in 2018 (my wife’s sabbatical.)  On the shortlist: Banff National Park in Canada.  And Thailand. And Botswana. And… 

Speaking of Canada, “Caribou Legs” just completed his trans-Canada run this week and is headed home.  Very cool.

Are you passionate about Balega socks? Do you have a social media presence and want to influence others?  Apply to become an ambassador right here.

Ack, now we have to pay attention to our HRs after the workout too

This certainly has potential for a fun 2017 if we start seeing Ryan Hall in the mix!  Looks like he’s headed to Xterra champs in Hawaii.  Imagine him at Sonoma?

And more on Ryan Hall: Guess which ultrarunner he’s racing in January?  The two will be doing seven marathons on seven continents in seven days.  Best cumulative time wins.  Any ideas?

Here’s what happens when you take a spike to the face wipe out in a NCAA XC race and face plant on the ground. STUD.

That’s it for the week. I’ve got a shoe review posting today, but no Daily News for the rest of the week. U.S. readers, have a great Thanksgiving. All others, enjoy the rest of the week.

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