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Ultra Trail Cape Town is this weekend and will be the last stop in the Ultra Trail World Tour. Ryan Sandes, Rob Krar, Keely Henninger, Kelly Wolf, Chris Mocko, Stephanie Howe Violett and a whole cast of interntiaonl runners are ready for the 100 miler kilometer in what many consider to be the most beautiful city in the world. Here’s more on the elite field.

Olympian Tianna Bartoletta writes a compelling essay about addiction and choice. My opinions on this have changed drastically over the years and have moved me to make some major changes in my life. I’d love to hear from (former) addicts about what they think of Tianna’s piece.

The IAU has a newly-formed Athlete Advisory Council. Can’t really tell what it will do or who else will be on it. Anyone know anything else?

This guy just hit his 40 year daily running streak and tallied up the money he’s found along the way: Ten grand!

Is ultramarathon running a crazy person’s sport?

RD in Utah awards female winners more money than men. How in the world is this helping anything?

Amy is following in the footsteps of some great editors at UltraRunning Magazine and she’s jumping in with both feet. I can’t wait to see her shine.

Here’s a scientific position paper that I want to dive into a bit more when I have time. For now though, it seems that a group of Australian sports scientists and geneticists think it’s unwise, unethical,and dangerous to use genetic testing for athletics. Any science folks want to dig in a bit more?

The USATF announces their MUT runners of the year.

Read this–> Excellent tutorial from the Trail Sisters on Adventure Planning 101: Topo map reading.

Dopey cyclist entering trail races in Europe. Very tough issue. While I’m a fan of redemption, I’m also a big proponent of using strong tactics to dissuade cheaters.

Do you think you could run a five hour marathon in (on?) Antarctica? Pretty sure? ‘cuz if you’re wrong, you’re taking a long ride in a flying garbage truck back to South Africa.

Speaking of marathons, CIM is this weekend and is showing a cold (28F) but dry start. Should be a great race! Personal note: I was originally set to guide a runner from NY the whole way, but he’s injured and I’ll now be with a different runner for the first half only. We’ll be mid/back of the pack with a 6hr projected finish. And in a strange twist of fate, this will likely be my last time guiding as my lower peripheral vision is deteriorating faster than we expected and I’ve been tripping and falling on my runs quite a bit more more. Would you ask a drunk dude to be your designated driver?

Running with kids. There’s nothing like it.

More on the importance of kids running before school. It sets them up for a productive day, empowers them, and introduces them to an awesome lifelong journey of self improvement and adventure. 

Do you run on the hills or do you train on the hills? Focus on the latter.

It sounds like like the guy who was attempting to swim across The Atlantic Pacific  and right thru the Great Garbage Patch is reconsidering his plan. He made it a long way, but too many issues with weather and support have stopped his adventure/message this time.

An ode to the Rand McNally Roat Atlas. I couldn’t agree more! Just like a paper trail map from the Ranger’s Station versus your iPhone map, a big, paper map gives a much better overall depiction of where you are and where you can go.

Something tells me that this author would be horrified/impressed/fascinated by the food intake of runners at pretty much any ultra.

Stay tuned for a new episode with Alabama grinder Liz Canty.

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