Ultramarathon Daily News | Wed, Nov 29

A harbinger of things to come for UROY? USATF announces their trail and ultramarathon runners of the year.

Five lessons from a year of running ultramarathons.

What’s clear is that this guy runs crazy fast with his dog. What’s not clear are the times listed in the article. (“After clocking 12:24 for 5k, with the first mile in 3:37 can the pair go even quicker?“). What? Did something get lost in metric to imperial translation?


–Learn it, know it, live it: How to nail your post-race recovery. 

Killer beers, unbelievable trails, and special orange juice in Switzerland. By the way, who’s got the segment on the Gemini Run? Can’t find it.

Industry folks: Have fun at TRE. I won’t be there this year.

Well this is sure slated to be a sh1t show.

URP Daily News from (approximately) three years ago. Fun to look back, right?

This Japanese runner is quietly putting together one of the strongest marathon win streaks in history. (No, it’s not Kawauchi.)

Episode dropping today. Stay tuned.

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