Ultramarathon Daily News, Wed, Nov 4

Good stuff: Jennifer Pharr Davis opines on women in endurance sports and ultramarathons.

Flagstaff is a mecca for both both trail and road runners. Here’s a video from Hoka that shows what the running scene is like.

NUC, but maybe you need a little alcohol-fueled sailing adventure story to get you over this Hump Day.  Here you go.

We can all rest. The missing Italian marathoner has been found.

“I quit because I started getting some pain in my legs…I called a cab home, had a double scotch, took a shower, and went to sleep.”

–And more words of wisdom from NYC Marathon’s oldest entrant.

Kate Freeman sues Nike because she was “forced” to wear their gear on a free trail running/marketing trip to Iceland and was injured in a fall.  My thoughts: Trail running is an inherently dangerous activity. It was ultimately her decision to run those trails–in those conditions–and she chose to take the risk.  Nike should pay for medical, and that’s it.  What do you think of her (and Jimmy’s) complaint?

Interview with my favorite track star, Nick Symonds. He talks tough workouts, marathons, and surfing.

…and he should be somewhat happy about this. Though I don’t imagine any of it is going to the MUT council or athletes…

Cory finally got to check the Grand Canyon R2R2R off his bucket list, and he did so with great pictures and details.  (It’s still on my list, dangit!)

Ashby ran a 200 mile relay race by himself and has some great thoughts that can be used for any distance.

A running skirt with a trap door for the ladies.

Diet quality should not be based on trends, but on basic tenets of simplicity, says Matt Fitzgerald.

Want to win free ultra coaching from Ian Sharman? Enter the WS lottery and you may just have a chance. (FIXED)

Mr. Roes: How you handle and adapt to weather can make or break your day.

When you buy a GPS watch for an ultramarathon or other endurance event, battery life is of paramount importance. Here, Skurka analyzes the life of the top brands.

Are OCRs bigger than marathons? Where do ultras and trail races fit in to this?


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