Ultramarathon Daily News | Wed, Nov 7

An excellent piece in the BBC about the pshychology and physiology of ultramarathon distance runners.

Happy Diwali everyone! Two years I was in New Delhi during the celebrations and have still never seen anything like it.  May your lives be as vibrant, colorful, and magical as the lights of Diwali.

Some ideas on increasing female participation, acceptance, and coverage, in trail and ultramarathon events. What do you think?

The Bear has been floating around in my head for years as a 100 I’d like to run, but the elevation scares me away. (I live at 37′ above sea level…anything over 6k’ hurts.) Here’s a good report from this year’s race.(link fixed)

We’ve talked on the podcast about the lack of females in MUT media–specifically behind the lens or behind the mic–so it’s great to see a new podcast available with a female perspective. Check it out right here…Candice Burt chats with Courtney Dauwalter about her run at Big’s and more.

Derek from Marathon Investigation addresses Runner’s World’s recent article on banding races.

Another thing that binds us together as runners: Crying at races. Why do we do it?

Women’s field for the North Face Endurance Championship from Bryon at IRF and I think I agree with nearly all of it. Ida, YiOu, Clare, Keely, Camille all make sense for the top five. I’d also add Addie Bracy and a proxy vote for Ladia from Sunny. Also hoping Risper’s visa comes through so we can see what impact she’ll have on this already incredible field.

Big cheers to urban forests. My favorites (West Coast) would be either Chico’s Bidwell Park or San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park or Angel Island.

Any other youth (K-6) coaches out there? I’d love to hear more ideas about making and keeping track/xc workouts fun and exciting. I learned yesterday that if something is timed (anything!), they love it. Thanks for the help.

Or I know something else. Don’t discontinue shoes that people want.

I’ve always wondered what happens to all the clothes discarded during a marathon. Turns out Goodwill collected 91k pounds of clothes at this year’s race.

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