Ultramarathon Daily News | Wed, Nov 8

John Storkamp writes about winter the ultramarathon scene.

Stulberg: How to build your willpower and grit as strong as your legs and core. Hint: It takes training and practice.

Three of the top four men and two of the top three women wore the VaporFly 4% at NYC Marathon. But is there an unambiguous correlation between the shoes and performance? Here’s a pretty good article that breaks down the claims and reality.

While much of the running media was focused on Shalane, Sandy Vi quietly climbed the steps of NYC Hall and set the new record for a transcontinental run by a female. She beat the old record by two weeks.  Here’s more about this epic ultramarathon performance.

Be sure to check out our latest interview right here. I sat down with Patrick Reagan to talk about Comrades, his debut 100M (a win) at Javelina, ragtime music, and how working as a pedicab driver got him back into wicked shape. At the end of the interview, Ben joins me to talk about what gear he grabs when he’s heading out the door and turns me onto a new soft flask filter I need to get my hands on.

Interested in running Tahoe 200? Better get on it fast! Race registration started yesterday and it’s already selling fast.  Click here to find out more.…race is next September.

Interesting: New study shows that changing foot strike to reduce injury is OK, but doing so to improve performance is a waste of time.

You’ve heard me rail against the Therapeutic Use Exemption before. That’s the policy that allows athletes to get waivers for otherwise-banned drugs and is wrought with abuse. In this latest instance, Rio Olympics champ Jemima Sumgong faked a pregnancy to get her a TUE for EPO.

You spend a lot of money for down bags and jackets. Skurka explains how to keep them moisture free and able to last a life time.

More gear talk this way: Ben reviews the new Raidlight Responsive 10L Race Vest pack right over here.

Dedicated to his cause: This guy swam in freezing Arctic waters in nothing but a Speedo.

Duuuude, roid rage much?

Ever thought about organizing a trail race with a bunch of friends. Here’s a neat short film about how the 0 SPF Trail Run in Rochester NY came to be.

In this URP interview earlier this year with 2:11 marathoner Nick Arciniaga, he spoke about making his 50M debut at The North Face Championships this year. Unfortunately, he’s been battling a hamstring injury that hasn’t yet healed.  Anxious to see which race he chooses next!

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