Ultramarathon Daily News, Wed, Nov 9

Ultramarathon News From Around the World

Good read: Dakota writes about the risks we take as outdoor athletes and the importance of having safety and rescue skills.

Just added to lists of things to do in the next year: Five Northern CA fire lookout hikes.  Run them? Family getaways? Who knows, but I will visit each one.

Silver lining for US if everyone who’s promised to leave actually leaves: Less local lottery entrants to bog down the big races!  Downside for Canadians: More lottery participants in their big races.

You know those people you run with? You talk about training, races, life, kids, and dream vacations? Some of those people voted for one person last night, and some for the other, all for various reasons.  Hateful name calling and vitriolic social media posts will do nothing to help our country or change an outcome.  Let’s move forward as one and work hard for the future.

There’s two days left and only a slight bump needed to fully fund the new Victory Sportdesign pack.  Victor the owner/designer is a great guy and needs our help, and as someone who depends on micro funding, I’m happy to support him. Will you?

Geek data on Kenyan ground contact time and cadence.  Have you ever counted your strides per minute? I haven’t.

“That’s really cool and sounds like fun, but is it safe for women?

Everything you need to know about the porta-potty at your local race.  The ceiling? What the hell???

More positive news (borne from a major loss): World’s longest turkey trot/fundraiser planned for this month to raise money for an ultrarunner who lost his fight to ALS last year.

Flyrunning: I’m still trying to figure out where the line between trail race and death wish lies.  Looks like crazy fun, but definitely something I’d book PT appointments for before entering.

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