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What happens when running is part of your professional life and you’re diagnosed with a disease that will make it nearly impossible to run? You adapt and work with what you have. A little more new-agey than I’m used to, but I love this post by Elinor Fish.

Ladies: Megan writes about how “the pill” affects your health as a runner. Pros, cons, research, science.

The USATF 1/2 marathon trail championships are this Saturday in Bellingham, WA.  Here’s a rundown of who to watch.  I’m surprised more trail runners from the PNW aren’t running…that’s a fun distance.

Thanks! I’ve got a full lineup of guest contributors for the Daily News while I’m at Himalayan 100.  You’ll be getting trail and ultramarathon perspectives from New York, Texas, Colorado, and beyond.  Thanks everyone.

The Trail Running Film Festival is coming soon to a theater near you. Here’s a preview video.

Take a few minutes and watch this video of Danny McCaskill perform some incredible stunts and tricks on his mountain bike.

And now watch Rickey Gates and Dakota Jones run and raft though a canyon in Utah. That looks like a really fun day!

This discussion seems to come with the same frequency as minimalist drop shoes and fancy diets: Do ice baths really help fight inflammation?

And suddenly, I really, really want to go to Montenegro’s northern highlands. Wow! Have you run or trekked there? Tell me more!

Short news day: New interview today with a finisher from Grindstone 100 and I need to prepare.

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