Ultramarathon Daily News, Wed, Oct 14

Have you ever justified your workout/diet with “science.” Magness would like to have a word with you.

…and….we’re back to the ice bath debate.

Great! Sarah’s report from her weekend with Team RWB.

We have a new Beer Mile world record. 4:54 by a Canadian mail carrier. Boom!…Burp!

Bookmark this: How to break through the wall and prevent jello legs in your next trail race.

Why kids look funny when they run.

Don’t click this yet. Tell me the top three running shoe brands worn at Kona Ironman last weekend. Alright, click away.

Interesting: Caroline Boller’s report from Chicago Marathon.  She’s looking inward and analyzing her situation…smart move.

Read this: Powerful race report and a moving message to her brother by Jen Benna.

The Trail Sisters dig into why more women don’t run trail ultramarathons.

How about a fifty miler where the first nine are directly into 40mph headwinds?  Ghelfi reports from the Oregon Coast 50.

And it has more to do with being obscure, and being sure of that obscurity, than with actually belonging to anything. Especially with running, where, more often than not, you’re running from and alone rather than to or with. If it hurts, you’re doing it right. If it feels good, you’re f*cking up.

Outside mag covers an ultramarathon.  Some of it’s typical mass-market garbage, but there are many decent observations as well.  I sure hope Mike didn’t spit out that gel wrapper top and leave it on the ground though…

Trail no better for your body than pavement. Clickbait or science?

Max King takes the Warrior Dash national title….and a great big check for $30k.

And on the other end of the useful scale, the LetsRun MENSA team discusses proper training plans for a hundred miler.

New week, which means Guillaume sends me a trail video! This one is in Ireland in the incredible national park of Connemara. Sharped rocks, thousands of lakes up to the horizon and a dark sky… the landscape doesn’t get more wild and Irish than right here.

Here’s Jean’s winning report from the inaugural Folsom Lake Ultra Trail 100k on Saturday. My podcast report will be out later today.  Don’t get too excited.

Seems like the shoelace market is already pretty full, but here’s another design from a Kickstarter campaign.  I’m a big fan of BOA and would have them on every shoe if I could.

Wanna get a grassroots sponsorship with Honey Stinger? Here’s how.

You’ve heard me talk about Brett in my beer reviews before…here’s everything you need to know.

SIte new: So sorry about the last two days. Between having company over and me spending all day yesterday trying to get building permits, it’s been nuts.  New podcast today.

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