Ultramarathon Daily News | Wed, Oct 16

Big’s Backyard Ultra is coming up this weekend and Joe Fejes has his predictions right here.

Ozy: How women are breaking ultramarathon barriers.

“I didn’t travel (literally) half way around the world to finish in any other place but first. An American has never won this race. I plan on being the first.” 
Drop the mic.

Chase Parnell talks with lone American Sabrina Stanley about her audacious goals at the incredible Grand Raid Diagnoale des Fous. I love her attitude and aggressive competitiveness. Here’s our interview with her.

SCMP: Why back to back training runs will help your trail running game.

Boxer/Runner confronts asshat robbing people on train and disarms him. Then…he bandits Chicago Marathon. Oof.

This good boy got tired on the trails and had to get rescued by SAR.

IRF/Sabrina Little: As free spirited as the MUT scene looks from the outside, we’re actually a habit-driven group.

Vancouver Sun: MTB and trailrunners, watch yourself. There’s an attack owl out there coming after you.

Toni Reavis opines on what counts as a record anymore. The most salient point for me is the difference between “Can you do that?” and “Should you do that?”

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