Ultramarathon Daily News | Wed, Oct 18

Read this and save it: The emotional side of trail running. 

If you’ve run in the Auburn/Cool area, you’ve likely run past the Barbara Schoerner memorial bench on the Western States trail. Here’s the story of the mountain lion attack .

Alright, once was an accident. Two times was pushing it. Screw up on course measuring the third time in three years and no matter how much you apologize, you need to find a new job.  And didya notice who won the women’s race? Here’s her URP interview from earlier this year.

Mom attempts epic embarrassment of HS daughter as she tries to ban bunguggers in XC–and every other sport.

I’m so happy to see one of my favorite bloggers is back running! In this post, Jeff discusses what it’s like to start training after taking three years off.

–>Did you hear Courtney Dauwalter‘s interview about her RRR100 and vision loss? How about Chuck Radford‘s from last year’s race. Curious what the heck happened? Read this post about vision loss in ultramarathons.

Wait, what? New study shows that white guys are more susceptible to “exercise themselves to death” than black guys. Huh? Any science folks want to break this down for us?

…October 1814 industrial disaster that sent a 15-foot high tsunami of beer sweeping through the streets after a giant vat of porter at the Horse Shoe Brewery broke. There has never been another beer flood like it, thankfully.

That time a beer tsunami killed eight people.

More on Francois’ demolishing of the JMT record. Who do you think could beat it now?

Interviewing a runner tonight who attempted a huge FKT and came up short but learned some valuable lessons along the way. Anxious to share his story!

Do you wear compression socks? Here’s Ben’s latest review of the new CEP line.

Five signs you’re ready to run an ultramarathon

There’s hope! Cross country on the rise for US youth. What does that mean for the MUT landscape? A lot.

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