Ultramarathon Daily News | Wed, Oct 19

Trail runner missing for more than two weeks in SW Colorado. Spread the word.

I don’t know what distance these Europeans are running but damn, that’s a fast start!

Meanwhile, in a world of FKTs, this runner prefers the pace of a snail.

Ultrasignup Blog: Hey ladies, the First Known Time is the Fastest Known Time. Get out there!

But in registering for this event, I certainly understood that suffering would characterize a considerable part of my day. Furthermore, while I would not enjoy the suffering when it arrived, overcoming it would make my performance feel more meaningful than it would feel if the race proceeded without any difficulty.

Therein lies the riddle.

Sabrina Little writes about how to be happy in a sport that often presents a lot of unhappy situations.

Saw this tattoo on reddit and thought the negative space was pretty cool.

“Hey, wouldn’t it be cool if we all bought vacation homes in Hawaii and when we went there together the kids could all play while we hit the trails?” ¬†Pretty much what these guys (including the founder of Kodiak Cakes) did over the last few years.

CSM: Cool story about the first black winner of Comrades. Good read.

CTS/Koop: Tips for fixing lower back pain in ultramarathon runners.

Readers of this page know what a huge fan of Allie Ostrander I am. Check out this video of her analyzing her best year of XC and what it was like racing (and, ahem, beating) her idols.


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