Ultramarathon Daily News, Wed, Oct 19

Are ultramarathon entry periods becoming subject to date creep?  I remember the good ‘ol days (<10 yrs ago) when I’d wait for Christmas Ca$h to come in, then blow it all in December’s last week on race registrations.

Hardrock opened its 5-week lottery registration on Sunday.  Ditto for Gorge Waterfalls.  Bighorn opened last Saturday (no lottery…yet).  Western States opens Nov. 5.  Wasatch & Leadville on Dec 1.  AC100 & HURT already have their fields for 2017.  Which lotteries are you anticipating?

Ever wonder how to convince this guy to let you in on a little adventure?  John Fegy, member of a very elite 14-member club, pulls back the curtain ever so slightly.

Wake up at 4a.  Run 40mi.  Take a half hour break.  Run 30mi.  Massage.  Eat.  Sleep.  #RePete Kostelnick‘s metronomic routine has him about a week away from breaking the Guinness TransCon World Record.  Here’s a short video of his daily routine.

This dog had 45 people killed in 28 hours…only one survived.  Read the hour-by-hour saga.

Do you have trouble finding balance between inner voices shouting “Tough it out!” vs. “Listen to your body!”  Rory Bosio on laser tag, ukuleles, grass skirts, hula-hooping, and running.

You’re fit. You’re healthy. You’re fast! You’re cruising! And now you’ve taken a wrong turn…

Stress and sporadic sleep leading up to a 100 mile.  Sound relatable?  Jeff reports pushing through this duet leading up to (and through) Grindstone.

We’re all an experiment of N=1…but this guy’s test results after through hiking the Colorado Trail are intriguing.  Anyone have similar experiences, or know of larger studies that corroborate or contrast?

Top ten similarities between ultrarunners and babies.

Where will you be Aug 21, 2017?  I’ve already got a group of ultrarunner friends planning a Gannett Peak expedition.

RRCA recently released their list of Runner Friendly Communities, including my hometown of Fort Collins, CO.

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