Ultramarathon Daily News, Wed, Oct 21

In today’s trail and ultramarathon news:

Roes weighs in on the “overcrowded Grand Canyon” controversy with a solution: Run somewhere else. ย What do you think?

Something tells me these two women didn’t hug after the race.

Seven plank variations for a strong running core.

Wow, read Stephanie’s TdG report right here, and be sure to watch the embedded video. That’s bonking, folks. Raw.

More positive links between marijuana and endurance running. Yep.

The top 32 sodas, rankedย by how bad they are for your body. ย Is it me, or do you only drink ginger ale on airplanes?

Better option: Beer slows down Alzheimers and Parkinsons.

Have you watched this guy talk himself through a backcountry mountain lion encounter? Jump ahead to about 2 minutes.

Want to know another reason Rob Krar is so fast? His wife Christina makes incredible dinners like this.

Nov/Dec trail races to sign up for, and cool! I’m running one of them! Mt Tam 50k on Nov 14th!

Run more sleep better, or sleep more and run better?

Almost forgot…can’t wait to see Billy’s new film about UTMB-CCC.


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