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You’re probably training too hard. In this article, Coche Roche drills down on why you should be running below your aeribic threshold on most runs. How do you determine that? That’s in the article too.

“I think after having four kids, I realized running is easy”

–Sarah Bishop ran the 800 in college, took a long break to get married and raise four kids, then jumped back on the scene three years ago. This past weekend, she won the Marine Corps Marathon.

Another fast mom right this way, but she’s transitioning from Ironman to ultramarathons.

And here’s a story about Darrell General, a guy who worked three jobs, raised a family, and still ran an elite runner.

At this time last year, I was in India running the Himalayan 100 (recap here.) Here are some great pics from some other treks from the northern reaches of the country that make me really want to go back.

Gary Robbins? Justin Turner?

While I thought Gary Robbins was touring with Ethan Newberry in support of his new film, it turns out he’s actually playing in the World Series.

Wait, does this mean it’s only two months until Christmas? Whaaaa? Here’s the URP Daily News from Oct 25, 2012.

Science: Why do we remember our first run in a new city or a new trail so vividly?

Check out our latest interview with 20yo phenom Patrick Caron. He just clicked off a 13:50 100 miler in NH and is ready to test his skills out west.  We also talk about coming of age in the digital era, making a living as a pro runner, and Ben and I chat after the show about some cool new gear reviews.

That episode was sponsored by the folks at S-Fuels. Check out this video series featuring Dr. Francesca Conte as she describes the benefits of the LCHF diet. Interested? Click that logo to the left and get yourself a free sample!

Here’s a great video of Jackie Merrit’s run at Western this year (with a quick shot of the URP golden shower at ~14:12.). Here’s our interview with Jackie leading up to The Big Dance.

Holy crap, NPS proposes massive entrance fee hikes for popular parks.

I ran a personal best of 1hr 7min and yet I barely scraped into the top 300.

–A short piece on the intensity of the Japanese road running scene.

So long, Meb

At this point, Courtney Dauwalter is getting my vote for UROY. Here she is on Joe Rogan’s show yesterday.

A bit more on Francois’ JMT FKT. And I had no idea he had two kids! Wow!

A writer from SELF mag describes her fascination with running ultramarathon distance and trail events.

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