Ultramarathon Daily News, Wed, Oct 26

Sad News…following his freak accident last year and thirteen surgeries, Dave Mackey has come to the hard decision to amputate his lower left leg.

Do You Really Have Adrenal Fatigue?

A Brief History of Trans-American running.
Did anyone else catch Pete Kostelnick on ESPN last night? I see the video posted on Pete’s Facebook account, but can’t find a public version from ESPN to link to.
Related quality read: CC Pyle’s Amazing Footrace, describing the 1928/1929 “Bunion Derby”, the first organized Race Across America.

Channeling your inner Tim “The Tool Man” Taylor – this 2300 Lumen Handheld Flashlight can start fires, cook eggs, and permanently blind the opposition in any out-and-back course.  #MorePower

“There are benefits to indulging in bacon.” Do you really need to read more?

Because the best person to pick your next favorite trail is the one who maps them for a living.

As an aficionado of the 3 Days of Syllamo, it’s nice to see AJW’s take on Stage Races.  [Run, Eat, Talk (about running), Sleep, Repeat.  It’s just like camp for ultrarunners!]

JMT hikers/bucket listers – have you checked out the Southern Sierra High Route?  “It avoids the JMT crowds, the landscape is more spectacular, and the travel more challenging…. significantly higher & more rugged than the JMT with 14 passes over 11,000 ft vs. 4 for the JMT and crosses the Sierra Crest 8 times vs. the JMT’s single crossing.”

This past weekend included a Vertical K showdown in Europe. On the ‘fastest’ VK course in the world, you had the current record holder, previous European Champ, and someone named Kilian Jornet. Results (in French).

“Here I was letting the exhaustion take over, cultivating a growing ball of rage inside of me.” Joe Grant writes on Beating the Funk.

I’ve never been into the tire-dragging method of training, but it’s hard to argue against Marshall Ulrich’s results.  Any practitioners?

Stop Buying Small Portable Power Generators. I wonder how long it will take until innovation flips this argument back.

David Roche on Keeping a Healthy Perspective on Running.

Perpetual kudos to REI for their #OptOutside campaign, shuttering their stores on Black Friday and encouraging their employees to go on an adventure.

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