Ultramarathon Daily News, Wed, Oct 28

This. This. This. An honest 100 mile report that highlights the DNF temptations we’ve all experienced in ultramarathons.

Zach Bitter, one of the fastest ultra runners in the world, gives tips on how to use races for ultramarathon training.

Here are three tips for avoiding a DNF.

Another video from Guillaume that shows the trails on and around Eiger in Switzerland. Wow, what awesome terrain!

Altra names official footwear sponsor of Western States. Still wondering who the race will go with as title sponsor. Levi’s was the main sponsor in the 80s.

Read this: Matt Flaherty discusses aging and training for NYC Marathon.

Really interesting Reddit thread on the behind-the-scenes of race management, prize money, permitting, logistics, etc. Thanks Travis.

Cross country races often have a lot elbow contact, but rarely are real punches thrown.  This clip shows the exception.

Andrew Hamilton climbed/ran all of Colorado’s 14ers in record time. Buzz Burrell interview him right here.

I’m going to fast for 24 hours and see how it goes. It’s 5am now, I’ve been up for two hours and haven’t eaten. I’m alive.

There seem to be some vague comparisons (overuse, under-trained athletes, $ controversies, etc) between the ethics of climbing Everest and running the Grand Canyon. What do you think?

When I think of Nevada (outside of Tahoe), I don’t generally picture beautiful mountain vistas, singletrack, and alpine lakes. Luke shows us otherwise.

This little brewer thingamajig seems like a great idea, but with quite a few drawbacks.

Here’s a fascinating story of an ultrarunning cop who qualified for Western States in ’98, went out for a training run in the desert a few weeks prior to the start, and never returned. Murder? Abandonment? What happened?

Interesting analysis of the rise–and plateau–of the OCR industry.

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