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Excellent write up and analysis of using double runs for ultramarathon training. Do you double up? If so, how often?

Awesome FKT report from Ben Nephew’s run on the Swan Song Loop in NH. Rain, wipeouts, and the horrific fear that he’d have to get rescued and his wife would kill him.

If you want to see a guy running a 2:21 marathon with his junk hanging out of his shorts, click right here. Ouch.

Industry: US sports retailers in panic mode. Good info on what’s going on on both sides of the pond and whether the trend can be stopped.

This guy likes throwing bombs (here’s an example.) In his latest piece, he argues why banning headphones in races is “stupid.” 

Really cool behind the scenes story about what it’s like supporting runners at UTMB.

Miss Trail Manners is asked a question about sharing space with birders.

And here, an academic looks at the interactions between runners and pedestrians and who should (and will) cede right of way.

Uncle Larry addresses the unsustainable arc of modern pop ultra celebrities. In all fairness, let’s look at it from the side of the unnamed athlete. You were likely working in a running store or other hourly job, renting an apartment, and were happy.  You find ultramarathons and trail running, stoke your passion, and suddenly companies are throwing free shoes and gear at you. Free international travel follows. Europe? Yes! Asia? Absolutely! Some obscure and exotic island off of Spain? Sign me up! Minor celebrity interactions with people are frequent–so long as you’re there racing, it doesn’t matter how well you do. You figure you could give 3 years of your 20s to live a pretty rad life, or stay working and paying for whatever vacation time you can get.  So while I agree with Larry, I can also see the angle from the athlete.  What do you think?

Sarah writes about transitioning after a big ultramarathon while also dealing with the rest of life. Similar frustrations from me with kids, their emotional growth pains, DNFing another damn race, and taking on far, far too many projects for my own good.

Read this: Using your personality as a race day asset.

Catching up with Mimi as she runs across the US.  Looks like she’s approaching Topeka, Kansas.

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