Ultramarathon Daily News, Wed, Oct 7

A trail runner’s response to the Grand Canyon editorial from last week, published in the same mag. Thank You, Ethan.

Not content with just one St George Marathon, Cory runs it finish to start to finish to start to finish for a grant total of 104 miles. All with infectious energy and fun pics.

I’m not a tech person, so I cede to you folks.  What’s the story with this new Microsoft GPS gizmo?

Roes writes about running with music.  Do you plug in on your runs? I do, probably 75% of the time, but I’ve only got one earbud in.


——Conclusions from 134,867 reviews of 391 running shoes from 24 brands: Expensive running shoes are rated lower and the best rated brands are: #1 Skechers, #2 Saucony and #3 Vibram FiveFingers and the worst were #22 Hoka One One, #23 Reebok and #24 Adidas.   Lots of data–and even some methodology–right this way.

Runner’s high and marijuana high share many similar qualities. Also, your dog is probably stoned.

Andrew Skurka and Bob Shebest talk about optimal pacing strategies. These two guys know what they’re talking about.

Speaking of smart pacing, didya hear my latest podcast with Jeff “Bronco Billy” Browning? With tales of running on glaciers and Mt Fuji, Jeff also shares smart tips about aid station management and how to plan out a race.

Check your head to improve your running posture. Yes! Watch the front of the pack at any race and their heads aren’t sagging.

I lost my younger cousin last week to what appears to be PTSD after several tours in the Middle East. Team RWB works with veterans to reintegrate and reconnect with civilian life by learning about and running in the great outdoors.  Camp is this weekend with quite a group of mentors (including co-host Sarah!)  I went last year and had a great time. Simple message: Just because someone looks healthy doesn’t mean there’s not some serious underlying pain.

Mary Cain drops out of Oregon, moves back home with her folks, but is still a member of NOP. Something tells me that will come to an end soon.  I’d love to see her back!

I finally hit the field section about, 1/2 mile from the finish and I just choked up…I tried to cry but I was so happy in disbelief that all I got was the ugly cry face.  I kept looking behind me for the runner with the kick but they weren’t there?!  I pulled myself together and pushed faster for that last 1/2 mile. I thought “oh my land, I did it!!” Reaching the finish the race directors were holding the ribbon for me and cheering.  I waved my arms in the air and smiled so big as I broke the ribbon!

Lorraine Young is 41, a grandmother of three, and didn’t start running until her mid 30s. This weekend she tried out her first ultra (Table Rock 50k), and won it. Overall.  You’ve got to read her story here. Future guest idea? You bet!

And the world lost a pioneer in women’s endurance running last month. Miki Gorman paved many paths for women in the 70s, including some crazy indoor ultramarathon feats.

Will this be the end of the URP Daily News? (link fixed)

Sam Adams angering liquor stores and distributors for pulling its new DIPA after 35 days. Get it fresh, they say.

Life lessons from cross country.  Yes, yes, yes.

No ultramarathon content whatsoever, but the Harvard Debate Team lost their national title to a team from the local correctional institute. Maybe they were just scared to win?

I’m not up with all the climbing terms, but I do know that rock climbing for 24 hours straight is pretty freakin awesome.  Climbers: Is this sort of event the equivalent of a hundred miler? More?

So what did Jurek eat while on his AT adventure?

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