Ultramarathon Daily News | Wed, Oct 9

YouTube: How to run 24 hours with kids aged 9-18. What a great family!

More family news! This guy grew up watching his dad run ultras around North America and is now following in his footsteps with a recent 3rd place at last month’s “Triple Wammy” in Canada.

Physics: Mechanical Engineer discovers a simple hack that increases running efficiency by a few percentage points. Makes sense, except that I’m sure I’d wind up on the ground, decreasing my efficiency.

I’m not sure even with a week of reflection and perspective that I quite understand what happened to me out there. Seven days and seven nights I simply existed in a world that was fully immersive, riding along on the mountain waves. As a good friend put it, “The Tor is unique to each individual, perhaps more akin to taking LSD than running a trail race.” 

-Tor des Glaciers is TdG’s big angry brother, with 450km of trails and 105,000 ft of climbing. Oof. In this report, John shares his story of a week on the trails.

We had Adam Kimble on the show earlier this year, and he hinted at a big project he’d be taking on this fall. He just announced the details yesterday: In a few days, he’ll attempt to break Kilian Jornet’s decade-old record of a supported circumnavigation of Lake Tahoe. Go Adam Go!

This listicle sucks: Again, just because a song has “run” in the title or is about running, does not make it a good running song.

SCMP/Mark Agnew: How to be a conscientious mid-pack trail runner.

UltraRunning Magazine: Want to win an automatic entry into Western States? Can you write a good essay? Here’s your chance. And here’s the very start of the 2020 entrants list.

Koop/CTS: The ultimate guide to using poles in ultramarathons. I can’t imagine anyone disagreeing with their effectiveness.

Geoff Burns opines on the advent of advanced shoe technology and how the VaporFly affects the ethos of our sport. Good stuff.

Grand Slam of Ultrarunning? Pfft, why not go for the Great Eight? URP guest Sean Nakamura did just that, finishing eight hundred milers this past summer.

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