Ultramarathon Daily News | Wed, Sep 13

Well that’s the best story I’ve ready all week. One persistent Canadian ultramarathon dude.

Mountain Outhouse: Grand Slam of Ultrarunning and more. Did anyone complete the unofficial Slam? Remember this from a few years ago?

Are you addicted to running tech and metrics?

How will the new Apple Watch gizmo affect your running?

Runners kept passing us, each taking a piece of my pride with them.

–Co-host Sarah had a rough day at RRR100, but still managed to write a report filled with lessons and wisdom I’ll use in my next race.

Dakota Jones writes about the wonders of travel and makes a great point about the dichotomy of “being nobody” in NYC, but “being a major event” on the trails of Wyoming. He also rationalizes air travel and looks for a solution to the problem.

Aright skimo folks, are these something you’d be interested in? The idea seems neat, but way out of my wheelhouse.

Looking for a jacket that glows like kryptonite for 12 hours? You’re in luck.

Skurka’s post-UTMB analysis. Good stuff.

Staying in touch with YiOu’s runs in the Middle East.

Joe McConaughy broke the AT record two weeks ago, and we’ve been trying to connect since then.  It’s on for tonight! In the meantime, watch this awesome video of his Gorge/Sonoma double.

Final wrap up of the Under Armour Mountain Running Series. Did you run any events? Will there be a series next year?

Out new gear reviewer tested the flammability of running pants. Didn’t go so well.

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