Ultramarathon Daily News, Wed, Sep 14

Ultramarathon News! Hot Off the Presses!

Five days to go for Karl.  Will he do it? Looks promising.  And here’s Ian’s update.

OK, running makes us smarter, but do you feel st0opid when you stop running?

Awesome: So you want to drive around in a van for the summer and run the cool trails. Dakota breaks down the realities–and hypocrisies–of being a free-wheeling hippie with fancy coffee. 

Looks like my type of event: Nine hours of forested trails in Connecticut.

….and on the West Coast, the Vertical Challenge Series is still looking fun.

Speaking of the West, I’ve run a lot in the open, and have never seen wild horses. Apparently there are so many we need to kill them.  Anyone with an understanding of this help me out?

Did you catch our latest podcast? Clare Gallagher catapulted from a few 50ks to winning Leadville using unconventional training, tons of laughter, and some sketchy nutrition.

…and if you get sick of URP, here’s a list of seven six other ultramarathon podcasts.

Interesting: New research and data released on what we know about Millenials (1980-2000) and the endurance sports industry (including ultramarathon distance.)  Free download. I’m still going over the info, and it’s fascinating.

A week and a half after his first child was born, Ghelfi ran Pine to Palm. Here’s his story…life, family, kids, etc.

Wardian’s ears just perked up: A new seven-day treadmill record has been established by a girl in the UK. Guess how far.

With these new hacks, it’ll be interesting to see which Olympic athletes have TUEs.  Clean sport?

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