Ultramarathon Daily News, Wed, Sep 2

Mountain running with Max King: There’s a lot more to it than just running uphill.

A different perspective (that you should be familiar with):  Trail ultramarathon report from a Race Director’s perspective.

And another perspective: Dakota’s report from crewing Anna and Missy at Nolan’s.

Sweet! Take a 75 minute train ride from NYC and hit some killer trails.  The FKT is held by Ben Nephew.

The end to muscle cramps? Any science folks want to pick this apart?

This dad ran his son across the country in a tricked out wheelchair.  Nice job, pops.

Here’s Ghelfi’s report from UTMB. Seventy six miles of pounding and his legs finally gave out at mile 76.  Smart move.

Why the high rate of elite DNFs at UTMB this year? The fellas at Ultra168 analyze the issue. What do you think?

Does the average runner care about the USATF? I discussed this issue with the USATF MUT Council’s Kami Semick on a podcast I recorded last week. I’ll release it today.

In life and running nothing is linear, but the chaos is (well) worth the moments like these. For anyone struggling through something remind yourself to be patient, this world and sport require it.

Speaking of USATF, here’s Caitlin’s report from her awesome win at USATF 50k Trail Championships over the weekend.

Procol Harum?
Procol Harum?

Hokum Karem? And on another take on team scoring (kinda), this high school XC team does a co-ed two-person team version that sounds awesome.  And wow, is that @gibbstack in the blue shirt???

Any Green Silence fans have experience with any of these shoes? I generally like Pearl Izumi, but have never tried anything from Zoot.  Decent replacements after my 7 pairs are finally worn down?

James is told the night before he starts Vol State 500k that his wife is pregnant with their first.  Luckily, he has some time and miles to think about it.

NUC (No Ultra Content): Women get rightfully angry when “lists” portray them as helpless snowflakes.  Here’s a list for guys (by a guy?) that’s just as ridiculous.  Things that make me ridiculously happy: Finding camping sites at last minute. Getting equally dispersed colors in a handful of peanut M&Ms, especially during a race. Broken parking meters. Being told I’m a good parent.

Larissa Dannis and Devon Crosby Helms have both signed on to be leaders at Healdsburg Running Camp next month in Northern California.  So to recap: Bed and breakfast, private ranch around Lake Sonoma, world class beer and wine, food prepared by local chefs, and it’s run by a handful of ultra-luminaries.

This judge basically made a kid walk an ultra for bailing on a cab fare.

Who watched Oz Pearlman on America’s Got Talent last night? How in the heck does he do that?


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