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Are you overtraining for ultramarathons? Don’t.

The top 50 songs with “run” or “running” in the title. Oh, come on. Can we not get an exception for Future Islands’ “Ran”?  

I really like this essay about love–and the support of spouses/partners–and how it relates to this silly sport of ours.

After a disappointing DNF at FatDog, Kai redeems himself and rediscovers the love of ultramrathons and endurance at Finlayson Arm 100k.

Did you hear our latest interview with Sean Nakamura. Sean just set the record at Tahoe 200, took a nap, then paced a buddy for another 20 miles. A week later, he headed to Arizona to run Mogollan Monster 100. And that’s just the start…

Woman rolls across marathon finish line. Literally.

Raw sights and sounds from Hardrock, courtesy of Billy Yang. Great stuff, dude!

The ten best fitness classes for runners. Big, enthusiastic yes to spin classes!

Trying to figure out how I can write off this $400k MBZ adventure mobile as a URP business expense.

Busty Playboy model takes up running and nearly knocks herself out jogging in a bikini. Now considering reduction, but maybe a better sports bra a better solution?…ah, what the hell. Just read the article.

Thoughts before and after her first 50 miler.

Love the idea: Thru-hiking your city.

Have you seen the Roche’s new site? Pretty damn impressive list of trail and ultra marathon, road, and OCR studs and studettes on there.

Stay tuned for the inaugural MUT Synchrocast later this morning. Topic: How to have the perfect race day. (Next up: How to pick the winning lotto numbers!)

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