Ultramarathon Daily News, Wed, Sep 21

Ultramarathon News From Around the World

Short ultramarathon news day today.  Preparing for an interview this morning with a hundred mile finisher with an amazing story to tell.

Check out our new review of the Orange Mud Endurance Pack.

Cool video about Maggie Guterl‘s run at Western States.  The video also features what I believe to be is the only video of Ben Gibbard playing an alpenhorn at an ultramarathon (around the 18:40 mark.)

More on NorthFace’s stand against doping in the Endurance Challenge Series and is sold out except for elite entries.  Those elites who’ve committed to running it and have hit the A standard better email the registration folks soon.

–>Read this, print it out, and stash it in your bag to read the night before your race: The ten commandments of ultramarathon/trail race day.

Remember all this too: Seven running drills you need to be doing.

Cool video from Outside: Meditation and ultramarathon running are strongly linked. I can’t imagine an endurance runner who’s not able to set their mind on pause for long lengths of time.

Another Q&A with Speedgoat Karl about the AT.  I’m anxious to hear his thought about the gal who claims to have bested his time.  Has he commented on it/her?

Marty Hoffman, MD (Western States Med Chief): Are we being drowned my overhydration advice on the internet?

You never know what you’re going to get in the Headlands: Warm weather this past weekend contributed to this guy’s 50k DNF.

More California news: Twelve things you need to know about NorCal breweries.

Adam revisited his youthful stomping grounds, slept in a tent, and ran some epic trails on the Four Pass Loop.  Check it out this way.


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