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Trailrunner/Roche: Five point training checklist for almost any ultramarathon. Good list. Only thing I’d add is more mental/emotional training in there for when your body is fit but your mind wants to quit.

…speaking of the mental game of patience, Errol “Rocket” Jones writes about how to conquer it in this month’s ultrarunning Magazine.

RoJo from LetsRun uses a Norm Macdonald bit about Oscar Pistorius to illustrate his views on the transgender athlete debate. 

Only 24% of runners finished. This is what the world needs. A race that is truly hard to finish. Not some Marathon Des Sables bollocks.

I would not recommend this race to anyone.

It’s fair to say Russell has a love/hate relationship with the Montane Dragons Back race that takes runners across the island of Wales (that’s 236 miles) in six days while climbing nearly 60k feet on some seriously technical terrain. This is an excellent, well-documented race report from one of the world’s toughest races.

Dylan Bowman added to the BOD for the Western States Endurance Run. Great addition. With Dylan and Billy, the media coverage will be awesome and the perspectives fresh and dynamic.  Some of those other members have been there for a looong time. Maybe it’s time for some term limits?

Scary: Mountain lion checks out a runner in Ojai, California.


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The New Yorker Magazine features an article about the NA beer scene. Top of the list? Athletic.

The Mayor of San Francisco can dance inside without a mask (because Tony Toni Toné got back together, duh), but runners at the San Francisco Marathon must wear masks while running outside on portions of the course. Are we really supposed to take this sh*t seriously?

Sports Illustrated: Guy racing a 10k takes a wrong turn and accidentally runs the half marathon distance. He wins it and the RD disqualifies him. Another example of why I’d never want to be an RD…

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