Ultramarathon Daily News | Wed, Sep 23

TrailRunner Mag/Metzler: There are few finer joys in life than getting your butt absolutely handed to you on a morning run.

Another OCR athlete making strides in the ultramarathon world: More on Nicole Mericle right this way.

Koop: What the next ultramarathon boom will mean for you and me. This will certainly be a balancing act. If we try to keep any all corporate influence out completely, we’ll lose our seat at the table. Smart growth is what we need, and I think the industry has enough people to make it happen…we just need to empower those people while also welcoming the influx of new ultra trail runners.

Outside Magazine ran a piece on the Lazarus Lake/BLM debacle and Kevin Beck dissected it right here. When will we learn that Outside has zero interest in the growth or life of our sport other than getting clicks?

SCMP: Nepalese trail running club steps in to take care of Covid refugees and help avert a humanitarian disaster. What a great story!

Pumpkin ales are the “Pumpkin spiced latte” equivalent of the beer world. You’re either excited about the seasonal release, or you just can’t wait for it to be over. Here are a few unique pumpkin ales for this season.

LAWeekly: More ways athletes are using cannabis in their sporting lives. Are you?

Video: Ten mistakes to be avoided during an ultramarathon. Nice job on your first video Mo!

Alaska has its first trail dedicated to birdwatching. Very cool. I”m curious if other groups are able to use it too. I’ve always been interested in birding (total amateur here) and how we as trail runners should interact with those groups. I’ve been on runs when I see a group of people gathered with their binocs and books, staring up at a distant tree. I generally announce my present quietly and walk past, but I assume I’m still messing with their activity.

Reuters: Valentina Petrillo competed as a male through 2019, is legally identified as male, and has not had surgery. She is now racing as a visually impaired female and winning every race. This is not fair.

iRunFar: An introduction to downhill trail running techniques. Best I’ve seen on video is Kilian. Best in real life Max King and Caren Spore.

My fears are justified! If I’m on a run and encounter a herd of cows, I make a 180 and GTFO. (Wife grew up with them and thinks I’m nuts, but see, they’re killers!) Condolences to this man’s family and friends.

TrailSisters: The perks of being a back of the pack runner. She forgot “more value for your race entry.”

No MUT news whatsoever, but I’m sorry, did you say “used condom factory”?

ultrarunning Mag: The Maa Daah Hey 100 in North Dakota looks like my type of race. Not technical, no high altitude, and low key.

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