Ultramarathon Daily News | Wed, Sep 25

SCMP: Lu Yangchun grew up in a remote village in China where her home had no electricity and was atop a mountain with no access road. Now she’s a champion steeplechase runner and track athlete who’s also shining on the trails and racking up some big wins. What a story!

Guardian: The IOC is still trying to figure out what to do with transgender athletes.

Sherpa John: A strong and measured response to the Lazy Parasite article. John makes some great points here.

I’ve been a fan of On Running shoes for years. Here’s a review that calls the Cloudventure “a firm Nike Pegasus” trail running shoe that should’t be missed.

Check out our latest episode with Michael Carson! Michael trains on flat trails and treadmills but recently podiumed the hilly Mogollan Monster. How’d he do it? Also….lots of talk about the role of MUT media and the state of the sport.

That latest episode was sponsored by XO Skin. Check out their compression bottoms and save 20% by using URP at checkout. They’re made in the US, they use proprietary materials that stop chafing and stank, and they’ve got a 30 day full money back guarantee. Why wouldn’t you try them?

You can run the Tour de Mont Blanc at UTMB in 24ish hours or you can backpack it in ten days. Or…you can use a guide, take your time, but still run the trails without carrying all of your gear. Great write up and pictures!

Doping: Three age groupers (all 40+ men) test positive at the ’18 Kona Ironman Championships.

Irish Times: A great essay about an Irish transplant to Hanoi who uses running as a way to learn about his city and ultimately finds himself after a tough trail marathon.

India: Panel discussion about the physiology and psychology of people who take on monster ultramarathons.

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