Ultramarathon Daily News, Wed, Sep 27

Read this: The science of awesomeness and how to be awesome. 

Why do we run until it hurts? New research may have some new answers.

See, this is what feeds my fear of cows and horses. 

From couch to 100k AG champ in one year. Sure, an outlier, but also some good lessons about smart training and attitude.

Where to go if you hate people. One option: An ultramarathon.

So what exactly is the point in which runners or officials should help a competitor in distress? Some people are upset at the Warsaw Marathon who failed to assist Kenyan race leader Recho Kosgei, but I’d assume just as many would be disappointed if they’d assisted her. (IMHO, it would have been a lot less painful to watch if there had been someone there communicating with her, checking on her, caring for her.) Here’s a much better video of the incident.

So how does Jared Campbell (3x Barkley finisher) do at a tough 50k in Canada?

Finishing up a roundup on my weekend in Vermont. Race, beer, people, etc.

I stuffed flapjacks, bananas and watermelon down my throat, hydrated and refilled my bottles. One of the organisers mentioned that first place had come through the station around fifteen minutes ahead of us. I quickly told them β€œhe can have it”

–Excellent report from the winner of the La Sportiva Grand Tour of Skiddaw in the Lakes District, UK.

Interesting look at how the Chinese-owned World Triathlon Championships operates. Would this be a model the ultramarathon world should follow?

….or maybe something more like Tough Mudder’s business model?

Here’s Ghelfi’s SPOT tracker for his TRT FKT attempt. OMG LOL. DIY. RSVP.

Interesting look at the highest marathon (14k-18k’) and how events like this affect small municipalities and local economies.

Congressional candidate runs 450 miles around district to meet voters. Seems like a smart way to see the area and meet people. Pretty decent ultrasigup, too.

If you haven’t yet read Stephanie Case’s report from Tor des Geants, go ahead and to that now. Considering her condition at the beginning of 2017, it’s almost unfathomable what she’s been able to do.

Escape for a few minutes with Guillaume as he takes on a fun trail run in Romania.

With the increase in attention to thru hikes, people wonder what they cost.  Here’s a general answer.

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