Ultramarathon Daily News | Wed, Sep 29

Billy Yang was on hand to film Des Linden’s 50k world record earlier this year. After a long wait, here’s the video.

These custom Salomons are rad looking. They go on sale Friday morning right here.

True: LetsRun puts out some solid content and is a clearinghouse for a lot of excellent running related news.
Also true: Their message boards are toxic dumps and do a net harm to the running community. It’s time for LR to either ban anon accounts and moderate their forums or the rest of us to find a new venue for discussion.

Have you seen the absolutely insane schedule for Broken Arrow this weekend? Big races, big vert, and some huge names will be on hand at Palisades Tahoe to race and discuss all things MUT. From Lauren Fleshman to Courtney Dauwalter to Max King and David Laney, the stoke level is high. I’ll be volunteering and announcing all weekend while Sunny runs the VK and 11k. See ya there.

Two days ago a good friend and XC dad wiped out on his bike, busted some ribs, snapped his clavicle, and punctured both lungs. His Garmin Incident Detection thing went off and called his wife immediately with his information and location. She jumped in the car and got him to the Emergency Department and he’s currently stable.
The lesson: If you’ve got a watch or tech that has this service, don’t forget to set it up. Without it he’d likely still be laying in a ditch.

Messy: Two Kenyans are leading the Quad City Marathon over the weekend. Third place (20s back) is a collegiate T&F coach. The lead bike directs the two Kenyans off course a half mile from the finish line and 3rd place sees it happening. Doesn’t say anything because “it’s not his job.” Coach wins the prize money. Lead biker is in tears. Kenyans bummed. Is there really a winner here?

Listicle: The 34 best breweries in America right now. I’ve heard of very, very few of them. You?

Short news day. I’m teaching kindergarten again today and it’s time for lesson prep.

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