Ultramarathon Daily News, Wed, Sep 30

You’ll want to read this, because you’re not going to get better by doing the same runs you’ve always done: How to get fast on the trails–at every distance.

Top ten beers of 2015. I’ve only had one of them (from New Glarus.)  Anyone else care to opine?

Dean K used a brain machine called Thync to give him energy and relax.  Anyone ever tried one of these gizmos? Where do we draw the line with devices that appear to be PED(devices)? Here’s the link to Thync.

Meb’s at the twilight of his marathon career, and it’d be awesome to see him jump into a 50k. The fitness is there, he trains on trails, he’s got a xc background…Come on!

This editorial (some call it a work of fiction) got quite a few responses when I shared it on FB yesterday. Seems she’s got an agenda and doesn’t understand or accept when people want to do things differently than she does.

What do you think of Nike’s latest commercial?

Interested in the Garmin 920XT? Here’s all the information you could ever need.

Speaking of GPS devices…interested in altering the settings in your Suunto for an ultramarathon?

And nearly as advanced as a tech device, this bra can be worn eight different ways.

Cyclists, meet your new Specialized overlord.

Short news day. What’d I miss?

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