Ultramarathon Daily News |Wed, Sep 4

Victor Ballesteros is a veteran of this silly sport and writes about what it takes to be a competent pacer. It’s not just numbers, pacing, and logistics…there’s an X factor that goes into doing it well.

Meet your USATF Junion Mountain Running Team. They’ll be heading to Argentina for World Championships in November.

Whew! Powerful post by Trail Sister Robin about being a step parent, set in the context of entering an ultramarathon once it’s already started.

An 800 mile route just opened up that takes cyclists (or runners!) on off road paths from England to the north coast of Scotland. Who’ll set the first FKT?

TrailRunner/Roche: So you had a crappy race. Now what? Excellent post about a topic we can all relate to.

Gear Junkie: E-Bikes are now allowed where traditional bikes have been given access on NPS land.

I tried not to think about any of this and instead just feel grateful for the family-reunion vibes that race morning at Cascade always brings. The sun was shining bright on Easton, and I soaked up the hugs with old friends. At the firehouse, I felt restless. When the 9 a.m. start rolled around, I sighed with relief. 
At last, we would run. In many ways, the easy part.

I crossed the finish line in 21:16:26. Just like the beginning, I felt two things in the same breath—exhilaration and terror. My body was happy to be done, but my mind wasn’t quite ready for it to be over. It had been such a special race, after all.

Yitka shared her story about her recent win at Cascade Crest. Excellent read that digs into the mindset, pacer relationship, comparisons to others, humbleness, etc. Great. piece if you’ve got a few minutes to spare.

And Khai shares his stories of hallucinations during his finish at Fat Dog 120. Nice job pushing through!

Short, sweet, (and late) news day today.

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