Ultramarathon Daily News, Wed, Sep 6

This past weekends’ ultramarathon, trail, and FKT results from around the world, courtesy of Justin at IRF. I’ll be talking to three of those listed this week.

With the auspicious bib 666, Mandy ran the tough Squamish 50k and wrote a great report about it. Angry Midget Trail, mysterious bear poop, Christmas songs, it’s all there. Nice job Mandy!

I’ve compared ultramarathons to masonry and in this post, Kelsie compares them to prepping for the MCATs.

Last May, Mark Thornberry wanted to run the Grand Union Canal Race, a 145 miles from Birmingham to London. He couldn’t. He was undergoing cancer treatment.
Cancer is now terminal. 

Interesting: Can “obvious” running advice help stave off injuries? 

Oh, you betcha. Add the Alberta Rockies to my list of places I want to play.

Short news day. A few big interview to prep for. Stay tuned.

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